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Business Travel’s Modern Makeover

Posted by Jon F. on Feb 28, 2017 12:48:52 PM

Corporate Housing Beats Out Hotels in Both Comfort and Price

Say you have a temporary work assignment in the San Francisco Bay Area for the month of June. Maybe it’s an internship, or you’re a traveling nurse, or you’re a construction contractor working on the new Salesforce tower. Any kind of business travel that requires a stay of 30 or more days. You’ll want a furnished place that feels like home.

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How to Maximize Profits - Nightly Rentals vs. Monthly Rentals

Posted by Noel McCann on Jan 18, 2017 9:30:59 AM

Hello once again to our 4-part series on maximizing your profits with monthly furnished rentals. We introduced the series with the goal of helping landlords maximize their profits. We also explained what furnished rentals are and the different types of monthly rentals the average tenant can run into.  In yesterday’s article, we discussed about the importance of pricing monthly rentals. Additionally, we tackled the financial cost of furnishing a property, and we revealed how leasing your property as a monthly furnished rental can recover these costs.  You can access Part 1 of our series here and Part 2 of our series here.

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